“Teakettle, Teakettle, Teakettle”

Carolina Wren


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I thought it would be easy to learn to play the ukulele, but finding it not as simple as I thought. Maybe a little more effort on my part…


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A Portrait

Chloe has become my constant companion. She rarely leaves my side.
I adore her.


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Under the Sun


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Brand New Fence


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The Tree


We planted the small silver maple tree in our brand new suburban backyard over thirty years ago. Fast-growing, we read. It did grow quickly, providing the shade we sought, and leafy branches where birds could nest and forage. Every few years a bumper crop of little “whirlybirds” would rain down from its limbs.
Over time the tree has been ravaged by storms and brutally cut back by yellow-helmeted power company workers, giving it a pretty ragged appearance, especially in winter. But each spring, it clothes itself in beautiful leaves of green that hide its scars. Once again, it  becomes our perfectly imperfect tree.


Downy Woodpecker

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