What’s That Thing?

Orestes and the Turban Squash

Orestes and the Turban Squash

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21 Comments on “What’s That Thing?”

  1. geanina says:

    beautiful images! :)

  2. zannyro says:

    Just look at those eyes! So much beautiful color!

  3. ladyfi says:

    That’s an amazing squash! Lovely shot.

  4. TexWisGirl says:

    too cute. :)

  5. Pat says:

    What – couldn’t this kitty find one of your birds?! Oh I know, he’s a vegetarian ;-)

  6. Gorgeous snap Pat! Margie

  7. You can’t blame him for wondering really can you? Gorgeous colors and contrast.

  8. Jim says:

    Looks like that can talk!! Lovely colours and expression on Orestes’ face!

  9. Judyj says:

    Wow, such a beautiful shot!

  10. rebecca says:

    Gotta love a curious cat. Your texture in nice too.

  11. Gail says:

    Boy, he’s really captivated by that gourd. Love that brown patch on his chin.

  12. Cindy P says:

    Such a curious kitty! Beautiful though! I love the texture you used in the picture as well!

  13. Tricia says:

    Oh very cool, love the kitty & the texture looks great w/ that pic! =)

  14. Fun60 says:

    I told you I wanted a mouse for Christmas present.

  15. How in the world did you capture this? It’s wonderful!!!

  16. Maria @ LSS says:

    Cool shot! You can really see the curiosity in his eyes.
    birthday rocks

  17. lessandragr says:

    Kitty really isn’t too sure about that funny looking thing! Nice photo!

  18. roberta4949 says:

    awesome shot love the subtle color scheme, by the way dont you just love all the varieties of ornamental gourds? I enjoy seeing htem when I go to the store.

  19. HoodPhoto says:

    Too funny! Great submission to Orange You Glad It’s Friday. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again this week!

    Hood Photo Blog

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