Last Ones

The last bell peppers from our little garden.

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23 Comments on “Last Ones”

  1. kenkiz says:

    une bonne ratatouille en perspective

  2. geanina says:

    nice texture!! next year will be other peppers…:)

  3. Eileen says:

    Wonderful shot, your peppers great. I am sure you have some yummy recipes for them too. Have a great day!

  4. Tamar says:

    Pretty composition!

  5. Enjoy them! Sure miss the end of the garden this time of year.

  6. Jim says:

    How nice are these? You see, we could never get these this size up here in the Arctic!! lol

  7. Tricia says:

    YuMmY! I’ll take a few, please =)

  8. artmusedog says:

    Wonderfully done photo ~ love the colors and composition ~ ( Creative Harbor) ^_^

  9. TexWisGirl says:

    looks like you had a great crop.

  10. einfachtilda says:

    Lecker und gesund 😆

  11. Gail says:

    They’re so huge and pretty! Bet you will miss them when they’re gone.

  12. Teresa says:

    They look so good. I’m afraid my sad little garden gave it up with frosts a couple weeks ago.

  13. itsallaboutpurple says:

    WoW, I love those sweet red ones!

  14. Enjoy every morsel! Margie

  15. rebecca says:

    They look so unblemished. This time of year our produce is pretty blemished.

  16. Fergiemoto says:

    Yum…I especially like the red ones. The sweet red ones take longer to mature, but they are well worth the wait. It’s sad to see the last of the garden crop, but I’ll just have to keep looking forward to next year.
    Great shot and lovely colors!

  17. Minoru says:

    Nice capture.When autumn comes,many things will disappear. They look like very delicious.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  18. Nancy says:

    I didn’t even have any “first ones” this year Pat. My bad. 🙂

  19. Beautiful and all the more delicious for being the last until next season.

  20. Leovi says:

    These peppers have you been lovely.

  21. Miriam says:

    Lovely colours and textures.

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