A Red Rose

“Love thou the rose, yet leave it on its stem.”
Robert Bulwer-Lytton

KK textures used – faved, happyheart

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Flowers for Leontien

Arrested Development

The prompt for this week’s Texture Tuesday is the word “open”

KK texture used – embrace
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The Party’s Over

KK Textures used – Zuzu, JustCause, wonderfulmagic

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Kim Klassen’s Twelve Days of Texture


KK Texture used – Annabelle

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November Rose, Revisited

It’s lost some petals, but still lovely in decline.
Using Photoshop
The first thing I do with any image is make a levels adjustment, followed by a curves adjustment for contrast. Before applying a texture layer, I oversharpen the image just a bit, using the high pass sharpen filter. After that, it’s a bit of playing around with textures and blending modes until I like what I see. Often, I’ll use a black and white adjustment layer on soft light to enhance some of the detail.

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Photo Art Friday

November Rose

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Photo Art Friday


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